Purchase order terms and conditions apply for your purchases at www.shop.xcblade.com. The terms and conditions constitute an
agreement between you and XC Equipment Innovations Kft. (Hungarian company Reg. No. 07-09-030476, EU TAX Nr. HU22679246), H-8151 Szabadbattyán, Veres P. utca 15.(hereinafter called ”XCBlade webshop”). You commit to these terms and conditions by making a
purchase from XCBlade webshop so we kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions beforehand. The language of the governing
contract is hungarian, the english version is an informatio for non-hungarian customer.

The provisions of hungarian law shall apply to the contract.

You will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation as soon as you have placed your order. It is important that you enter the correct
e-mail address upon completing the purchase at the checkout. The order confirmation is your receipt, so retain your order
confirmation in case you need to contact customer support.

Choose to pay with Billingo e-invoice via bank transfer, Barion Smart Gateway, PayPal or with your AMEX, VISA or Mastercard card.
XCBlade webshop does not handle any bank or credit card numbers.

Pay safely and securely online with your bank or credit card via Barion or PayPal. XCBlade webshop accepts AMEX, VISA and
Mastercard. Your order will be debited when the order is dispatched from XCBlade webshop. Expect 2-3 business days before any
refunds can be seen in your account. Custom orders are debited at the time of purchase.

All product prices on www.shop.XCBlade.com are excluding VAT, service prices are including VAT. Prices are displayed including VAT
if you do the orderin process, have a delivery address without company EU-TXNr, you order as a privat person. If your order is delivered
to a country outside Hungary, taxes and import duties might be added, and you will bear any such costs. XCBlade webshop
recommend that you contact your local customs office for further information.

Orders placed in somebody else’s name without their consent will be reported to the police. The same applies to any orders where
XCBlade webshop suspects fraud. If a specified price is incorrect, XCBlade webshop reserves the right to cancel the order and release
the reservation back to the customer. If you are under 18 years old, you need a parent’s/guardian’s consent to order from XCBlade

The delivery time within Europe might vary, usually between 2-5 business days. Delivery time is the time from when the order is
dispatched from our warehouse until it reaches you. The shipping cost within Europe are depending on weight and shipping service.
You can read them under point „DELIVERY” on the main page. When your order has been completed, you will be notified via e-mail,
containing shipping confirmation and consignment identification. You cannot make any changes to your order once the order is
completed. Your parcel will be traceable in the evening after GLS has received and registered your consignmentPlace your
order by December 16 to receive it in time for Christmas (Europe only), delay may occur if the the product is out of stock.

GLS will deliver your order during weekdays between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. GLS leaves a note at your door if you have not been able to
receive your delivery. The note informs you that they have tried to deliver your order during the day and they have left your parcel with
a neighbour or that they plan to deliver your parcel the following business day or left your parcel at your closest GLS Access Point
(pick-up point).

You have a 30-day return and exchange policy after receiving your order via XCBlade webshop and 14 days cooling off period. You may
unpack and try the product in a safe environment without damaging it and still invoke the return policy. For returns, please refer to the
instructions on the return form. As customer, you bear the costs for the return shipping. Always remember to retain the original
packaging and receipt. Always protect the original packaging; XCBlade webshop has the right to charge you a cost of 5 EUR if the
original packaging is damaged or missing. Our return and exchange policy will be void if the product is used, modified or damaged.
This also applies if the product is a custom product customized to your request. Contact XCBlade webshop customer service if you are
missing a return waybill. A refund could take up to 3-5 business days XCBlade have received your return. Your money will be refunded
to the same account used for the purchase.

When you order from XCBlade webshop you always have a time-limited warranty on the item you have ordered. This warranty is set by
each manufacturer and differs from product to product. A warranty period means that XCBlade webshop via each manufacturer is
responsible that a product works during the specified time. During the warranty period, XCBlade webshop will firstly repair the product.
When the warranty period is expired you must be able to corroborate that the product was defective from the beginning. Always
remember to retain the receipt or a statement from your bank account when you return a defect item. The warranty only covers
manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages and defects from tampering, external damage or unusual usage.
Contact XCBlade webshop if you have any questions regarding warranty.

When you order from the XCBlade webshop, XCBlade webshop will store some of your personal data in order for you to complete your
purchase. XCBlade webshop treats all personal data as confidential. You have the right to request access to your data and if any
information is incorrect you have the right to have this changed or deleted. XCBlade webshop uses first- and third-party cookies to
provide the best experience. Cookies are small text files. The text files contain data stored on the visitor’s computer. Intermittently, th e
website requests data from the cookies the visitor has stored on their computer. Websites use cookies, for instance, to store settings
for how the website is displayed to the visitor. Another common usage of cookies is as part of collecting information about t he visitor’s
behaviour. XCBlade webshop uses cookies to give visitors access to different functions on the website and to follow up on visitor
traffic to the website and to improve the website with the help of the collected data.
Read more about privacy policy.

The following circumstances are considered grounds for exemption if they prevent the agreement from being completed and the party
will not be liable to take the necessary measures to avoid or overcome the consequences following:
War, uprising or riots, mobilization or unforeseen military incentives of the corresponding extent, requisition, seizure, currency
restrictions, export or import restrictions, general shortage of goods, shortage of means of transport, labour dispute includ ing
workplace conflicts, restrictions concerning fuel, fire, failure or delay of deliveries from subcontractors or commodity suppliers caused
by any of the stated exemptions or loss of commodities during transport to any of the Company's facilities and any other circumstance
beyond which the party could not control; and where the circumstance’s impact on the execution of the agreement could not have
been foreseen at the conclusion of the agreement.

If a dispute arises between you as customer and XCBlade webshop and we are unable to resolve the dispute, you may lodge a
complaint at he hungarian Conciliation Body. Read more: https://shop.xcblade.com/shop_help.php?tab=terms

We ask you to review the terms and conditions before you place an order via XCBlade webshop, even when you are a returning
customer, as these terms and conditions could be amended from time to time.

XC Equipment Innovations Kft.
Hungarian company Reg. No.: 07-09-030476
VAT: HU22679246
Veres Péter utca 15. 9
8151 Szabadbattyán
XCBlade customer service