3D spices up the game

XCBlade is, therefore, not a permanent but a variable-width skating blade that forms a well-defined 3D geometric shape.

Thus, unlike all currently available blades, XCBlade is NOT a parallel-edge skating blade. Still, the blade's left and right edges gradually extend from the center, parallel sections moving away from each other into the direction front and rear of the blade.

Those details matter

This change in width is different in the front and rear, more remarkable in the back region of the blade, which is responsible for tight turns and smaller in the first region, which is responsible for the longer pushes.

More ice contact, more fun

The result of this controlled expansion is that in skating situations (final phase of the pushing stage, tight and sharp turns, intense braking), where conventional blades lose their contact with the ice due to increased inclination, there, the XCBlade blades are still firmly attached to the ice surface, thanks to the widening edge design, XCBlade engages the ice with 5 - 20 % larger blade sections.